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Oct 31, 2018

October 31, 1937 - Jack Benny and the gang go to the Andy Devine Farm for a Halloween party. They mention Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy and they talk about the speech Jack Benny gave at the testimonial dinner for Eddie Cantor's 25th anniversary in show business. 

Oct 24, 2018

October 26, 1941 - Jack Benny wants to play the most dramatic role in "Dive Bomber", the movie starring Errol Flynn, Fred MacMurray and Ralph Bellamy. Plus they mention "Arsenic and Old Lace" a dark comedy on the broadway stage.

Oct 17, 2018

October 16, 1938 - The JELL-O Program starring Jack Benny is moving to the new NBC studio. This is the last episode in the old studio. In it they mention the old age pension plan that they hoped would get the US out of the depression called the Townsend Plan.

Oct 10, 2018

October 8, 1944 - Frank Sinatra is a guest on this episode. His hit at the time was "Sunday, Monday or Always". They mention the teenage girls who were fans of music like Sinatra known as Bobby Soxers. We also talk about spanking, and war time rationing with stamps and tokens. Plus "Sympathy spelled backwards...

Oct 3, 2018

October 1, 1944 - In this wartime episode Jack Benny compares himself to General Patton. Jack is just back from a USO tour. Dennis Day has joined the Navy and Phil Harris was the replacement host for "Kay Kaiser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge". Plus Dick Tracy characters Flattop, Gravel Gerdy, The Brow and the...