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Jan 11, 2023

January 18, 1942 - This episode was broadcast two days after the sudden death of Jack Benny's co-star Carole Lombard. The episode is all music.

"In respect to Carole Lombard, his co-star in "To Be Or Not Be", an Alexander Korda-Ernest Lubitsch film, to be released through United Artists, Jack Benny cancelled his Jan. 18 broadcast of the NBC Jack Benny Show, sponsored by General Foods (Jell-O). Although no specific explanation was given, the show was replaced by a musical program, featuring Mahlon Meerick's orchestra, Dennis Day, soloist, and the Sportsman's Quartet, vocal group. Don Wilson announced. Miss Lombard was scheduled for a guest appearance on the Jan. 25 Jell-O program."
-Broadcasting Magazine