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May 17, 2023

May 8, 1949 - Jack is upset with the cast for flubbing so many lines last week. Eddie Cantor stops by and discusses the article he wrote about Jack in Cosmopolitan magazine.

References include the Hooper Ratings, the fire at The Hollywood Park Race Track, the lifting of the Berlin Blockade, the song "Laugh Clown,...

Mar 15, 2023

March 12, 1944 - From Livermore, CA near San Fransisco. Jack in the Navy. References include Red Skelton, Abbot and Costello, Fred Allen, Maxie Rosenbloom, Shirley Temple and Lt Robert Taylor.

Mar 8, 2023

March 5, 1944 - From Lemoore Army Air Field, Don Wants to Get Paid. This is the first episode where Jack Benny says "Now Cut That Out!".

References include George Burns' singing voice, Bob Hope, Fred Allen, Hedy Lamarr, Betty Grable and her husband Harry James, and the song from Oklahoma "A Surrey With The Fringe On...

Jan 11, 2023

January 18, 1942 - This episode was broadcast two days after the sudden death of Jack Benny's co-star Carole Lombard. The episode is all music.

"In respect to Carole Lombard, his co-star in "To Be Or Not Be", an Alexander Korda-Ernest Lubitsch film, to be released through United Artists, Jack Benny cancelled his Jan. 18...

Jan 4, 2023

January 9, 1944 - Jack Benny picks up his new pet Camel. The camel is played by a young Stan Freberg in his only appearance on the Jack Benny show. This is also the last episode with Jack's pet polar bear.


References include bodybuilder Charles Atlas, comedian Fred Allen, and the Draft categories 4-F (Not qualified...