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Nov 30, 2022

November 28, 1954 - Jack Takes Dennis to the Psychiatrist. Meanwhile it's the sportsman quartette's birthday.

References include the chidren's television host Pinky Lee, the Aurthur Murray dance studio, ballet dancer Nijinsky, the sound barrier, the LA Times and Nat "King" Cole.

Nov 2, 2022

September 1954 - This is a fascinating look behind the scenes of the Jack Benny radio show. I mixed the most interesting parts from the rehearsal on September 9, 1954 and the pre-edit master recording for the episode on September 26, 1954. It features deleted scenes, notes and chatter.

You can listen to the finished...

Oct 26, 2022

October 24, 1954 - Jack, Dennis and Don got to The Drive-In, after Jack Plays gin rummy with Rochester.

References include flying saucers, Ronald Colman, and candy like Oh, Henry! bars and Tootsie Rolls

May 25, 2022

May 31, 1953 - Jack Benny listens to the Indianapolis 500 race on the radio.

References include jailbreaker Willie Sutton, actors Jimmy Stewart, Mickey Rooney, Humphrey Bogart and George Montomery (Fort Ti 3D), director Mervyn LeRoy (Quo Vatis), and the catchphrase from the Jackie Gleason show's The Homeymooners "One of...

May 18, 2022

May 17, 1953 - Jack Benny takes the plot of the movie "Flight to Mars" and the characters from the TV show "Space Patrol" to do his own science fiction play "I Flew to Mars in a Space Ship".

Reference include the MC convertible, "The Girl Next Door" with Dennis Day and more!